PEMF therapy - this is what I'm excited about!

The application of low-frequency, pulsed electromagnetic fields.
Before rushing to try PEMF therapy - always ask your doctor first!
And before rushing online to buy an expensive PEMF device, please
take a look at both the Wikipedia and DIYPEMF pages first.

Wikipedia PEMF page

The DIYPEMF page is really interesting and very useful.
It has advice on how to use just an mp3 player and a pair of magnetic coils
There are links there to sellers of such coils, which are fairly inexpensive at
around $20.

I've tried this system on a few ailments (eg, gum-ache, tooth-ache, sprained
wrist, etc), using the downloadable 10Hz mp3 file from that page - I think it
works fairly well in most cases.
But please go and look at the page and consider it for yourself.


The link below has some review information on PEMF devices, please
check it out. And remember that you can get coils for about $20 and
experiment with them.No need to shell out about $2000 for the fancier
stuff unless you are very sure that it is the thing for you.

PEMF device review

The MICE link takes you to an unusual page...

PEMF M.I.C.E. page

The next link takes you to another page all about PEMF.
It has a quote from Edison on the front page, which is a little strange,
because PEMF is essentially Tesla technology. Edison specifically detested Tesla.
My guess is that's because Edison was probably a malicious, jealous idiot.
Anyway, please don't be put off by that - please take a look at it for more info. home page (more PEMF info)


Pros: PEMF really does seem to help all kinds of ailments.

(Some want to decry it as a placebo, but vets say:
"How do you explain the placebo effect to a horse?"
Although nobody seems to know how it actually works, the popular theory is
that it stimulates your cells' mitochondria.)

Cons: PD sufferers are unlikely to achieve instant benefit - it is something that
would need to be used on at least a weekly basis.
The most effective equipment is very expensive.


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