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To me, Amnesty International is the most important charity that exists, because if
you don't have freedom, you don't have anything! Maybe it's a bit spammyof me
to put this link here, but hey, there are many Japanese members of Amnesty :)

So, please donate and/or join :)

Amnesty International (UK)

Amnesty International (Japan)

Although it's not in any way Japanese, The Hunger Site is very important also.

One click per day helps to feed starving people :)
And it doesn't cost you anything - no credit-card required :)
So, pleeease go there today and click :) And tomorrow, and the day after that...

The Hunger Site

Tommy Lee Jones made some fun ads for Suntory's Boss Coffee :)
They are well worth watching - you can (probably) find them via this link.
(If the link doesn't work, please let me know.)

JapaneseLifestyle.com - Japanese dating

Filip Kábrt's extremely cool Wakan dictionary programme:

Another excellent page - Graeme Webster's:

Here's a link to a famous page:
Jim Breen's Japanese Page

Oh, and the people at JapanesePod101 don't mess about, they have lots of excellent
audio, video, and expert tuition and advice. They have achieved rave reviews and critical
acclaim because their system allows you to learn anywhere, anytime!

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More useful language stuff here:
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